Italian Dresses

Italian Renaissance Dresses
Italian Medieval and Renaissance Dresses are lovely and perfect for anyone who wants to make an entrance.

Abita di Firenze Gown

Abita di Firenze Gown DK-ADF
In our Abita di Firenze Gown you can stroll along merchants' way in Florence while stopping to gaze at the frescos. Removable sleeves reverse to black.
Price: $275.00

Bella Abita Gown

Bella Abita Gown DK-BA
The Bella Abita gown is fashioned after gowns worn in the late 1400's, this comfortable fit dress is made of cotton velveteen, the closest modern equivalent to period velvet. An embroidered motif accentes the bodice. Trim and embroidery will vary. Machine wash, cool, gentle, tumble dry.
Price: $175.00

Venetian Gown DK-VG

Venetian Gown DK-VG
Silk Noil has been described as a soft, brushed, raw silk, and in our Venetian Gown is eminently wearable. The styling of this gown is derived from paintings by Lorenzo Lotto, a 15th century Venetian Master. Made in USA.
Price: $243.00

White Bella Abita Gown DK-BAW

White Bella Abita Gown DK-BAW
Special Edition of our Bella Abita Gown. For your very special occasion we are proud to present our White version of the beautiful Bella Abita Gown.
Price: $265.00

Women's Medieval Ring Belt

Women's Medieval Ring Belt
Women's Medieval Ring Belt is a great belt for Renaissance Faire or Steampunk events, as well as LARP. Soft, flexible leather belt with solid steel ring attached with rivets. This belt works wonderfully with our leather skirt hikes.
Price: $18.95
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