The Tudors

The Tudors Medieval Collectibles
Inspired by the Showtime Original Series "The Tudors". We are happy to offer a full line of replica clothing, armor, jewelry, swords and miniatures.

16th Century Tudor Armet Helm

16th Century Tudor Armet Helm
Our Tudor Armet is the classic form of helmet most often associated with the image of a knight. During Henry the VIIIs wars in France (1522-1523), this form of helmet would have been in use on both sides. 
Price: $149.99

Jabot And Cuff Set

Jabot And Cuff Set 101738
Many outfits and costumes are not complete without a lacy collar. Pirates, judges, nobles and other costumes look finished in this Jabot Cuff Set. This lace set includes a jabot and two matching cuffs. It comes in a single size and in either silver, gold, or white.
Price: $39.95

Nottingham Cross Shirt

Nottingham Cross Shirt 101059
This generous period shirt features an embroidered cross pattern on the collar with a hook & eye closure. Made of 100% cotton. Natural With Black Embroidery or Black with Red Embroidery. Available in S/M or L/XL. 
Price: $54.95
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