Tactical Flashlights

Tactical Flashlights

Heckler & Koch Tactical Light

Heckler & Koch Tactical Light 116-HK14442L
This product is our Heckler & Koch Tactical Light, Flashlight. Measurements are 4 3/8" overall.
Price: $43.00

Inova T3 Tactical/Police Light

Inova T3 Tactical/Police Light 116-LML22010
This product is our Inova T3 Tactical/Police Light. Measurements are 6.2" overall and has a high power 178 lumen white LED light with up to 4.5 hours of uniform light output.
Price: $109.00

Inova T5 Tactical/Police Light

Inova T5 Tactical/Police Light 116-LML22015
This product is our Inova T5 Tactical/Police Light. Measurements are 9" overall with 250 lumens and up to 3 hours of uniform light output.
Price: $141.00

Insight Hand Held Tactical Light

Insight Hand Held Tactical Light 116-IN171
This product is our Insight Hand Held Tactical Light. Measurements are 4 1/2" overall and has 120 lumens. Product has black hard anodized aluminum construction.
Price: $199.00

NexTorch Tactical Mount

NexTorch Tactical Mount 116-NXRM84
This product is our NexTorch Tactical Mount Quick-Load Mounting System. Item has a quick loading design for fast access. Black durable nylon plus 30 percent fibre.
Price: $8.00

Princeton Tec EOS Tactical

Princeton Tec EOS Tactical 116-PT01237
This product is our Princeton Tec EOS Tactical. This item is a One-watt LED bulb operates in high, medium, low and flashing modes to meet your up-close and distance needs.
Price: $59.00

Streamlight Stylus White Light

Streamlight Stylus White Light 116-STR65018
This product is our Streamlight Stylus White Light 6 inches overall. Momentary blink, and lock on switch. Product made of black anodized aircraft aluminum body with non slip knurled grip and pocket clip.
Price: $22.00
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