Armour Pieces

Individual Armor Pieces for Sale
Fully Functional Combat Ready Single Pieces of Armor. Includes Helms, Pauldrons, Gorgets, Arm Armor, Leg Armor and Body Armour.

Arm Armour

Functional Arm Armor
Medieval and Renaissance European Arm Armor including Pauldrons, Full Arms, Elbow Cops and Cannons.

Breast and Body Armour

Breast and Body Armor
Our Breast and Body Armour section has steel Breast Plates and Back Plates.

Gorgets - Bevors and Pauldron Sets

Gorgets, Bevors and Pauldron Sets, Neck Armor
Our Medieval and Renaissance Gorgets, Bevors and Gorget and Pauldron Sets are fully functional neck and shoulder armor.

Leg Armour

Medieval and Renaissance Custom Made Leg Armor
Medieval Archer Knees, Lower Greaves, Sabatons, as well as Full Steel Leg armour, Knee Cops, Three Quarter Leg Armor. Each piece is fully functional.

Mail Gauntlets

Mail Gauntlets made from chainmail
Chain Mail Armor Gauntlets

Plate Gauntlets

Armor Plate Gauntlets - Hand Armor
Fully Functional, Medieval and Renaissance Finger Gauntlets, Mitten Gauntlets, Half Gauntlets, Milanese Gauntlets. Plate Armor Gauntlets provide hand protection. 
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