The Greeks

The Greeks Clothing Armour and Weapons Including Swords Shields and Helms
The ancient Greeks were a remarkable civilization known for their unique beliefs and contributions to various fields of knowledge. They valued individual freedom within the framework of the laws of Greece, which allowed for personal growth and achievement in diverse areas.

Athens, the capital of Greece, held a prominent position as an intellectual and cultural center. It was one of the earliest city-states and remains renowned worldwide for its historical significance. The city was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom and the patron deity of Athens. In 508 BC, Athens became one of the first societies in the ancient world to establish a democratic system of government.

On our website, we offer a wide range of Greek-themed products, including clothing, swords, armor, helmets, and shields. These items allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of ancient Greece, enabling you to explore and celebrate this extraordinary civilization.

Achilles Trojan War Helm - 18 Gauge

Achilles Trojan War Helm,Trojan War Helm
Our Trojan War Helm is a Greek helm that would be the likely choice for any warrior sent to rescue Helen of Troy. Horse hair crest and neck guard. Each comes with a padded liner.
Price: $117.95

Archaic Greek Greaves

Archaic Greek Greaves,Greek Greaves AH-6121
These Greek Greaves are crafted from brass and are entirely lined on the inside with leather for comfort. A set of antiqued brass buckles and durable leather straps secure the greaves to the legs.
Price: $250.95

Greek Bell Muscle Armor

Greek Bell Muscle Armor
The Greek Hoplite Bell Muscle Cuirass, had a front and back plate - simply decorated in the form of the anatomy of the torso, with narrow embossed ridges around the arm holes, the waist and the hips.
Price: $388.95

Greek Brass Muscle Cuirass – 18 Gauge Brass

Greek Brass Muscle Cuirass – 18 Gauge Brass
This Greek Muscle Cuirass is crafted entirely from bronze and its two halves are fitted onto and adjusted to size on the torso with a set of shoulder and side mounted leather straps paired with antiqued brass buckles.
Price: $366.95

Greek Corinthian Helm with Crest

Greek Corinthian Helm with Crest MD-321
Our Greek Corinthian Helm, made from steel, comes with optional Black Horsehair Crest, riveted leather liner, steel gauges of 19, 17 or 16 and your choice of Standard, Polished, Blackened or Antiqued Finishes. Custom Sized to Fit.
Price: $390.00

Greek Leather Muscle Armor

Greek Leather Muscle Armor,Roman Leather Muscle Armour
Greek Leather Muscle Armour, includes a breast and back plate in hardened leather. 5th century BCE.
Price: $273.95

Greek Linothorax Cuirass

Greek Linothorax Cuirass
The Linothorax cuirass was a very common armor worn by Greek Hoplites and it was also extensively used by the Macedonian soldiers of Alexander the Great and the Etruscans of the Italic Peninsula.
Price: $299.99

Greek Shoulder Straps

Greek Shoulder Straps
Our Greek Shoulder Straps are a perfect accent piece for your Greek or Spartan outfit. Although not Officially Licensed from 300, this hand made leather strap system will work either with a Spartan, Greek or Roman Cape.
Price: $45.00

Hinged Greaves- 18 Gauge

Articulated Greek Greaves,Hinged Greaves- 18 Gauge
Our Articulated Greek Greaves come in steel. This pair of hinged greaves with hinged knee armor is constructed from 18 gauge steel.
Price: $96.95

Leather Royal Muscled Cuirass

Leather Royal Muscled Cuirass AH-6071-LR
This set of Royal Greek Muscle Armor includes a two-part cuirass of hardened leather coupled with a tasset belt of thick leather. 
Price: $327.90

Short Muscle Cuirass Bronze

Short Muscle Cuirass Bronze AH-3876
Short Muscle Cuirass with Bronze Finish: During the Archaic period, Spartans were armoured with flanged bronze breast and back plates like our Short Muscle Cuirass.
Price: $183.95

Spartans Early Corinthian Helmet

Spartans Early Corinthian Helmet AH-6111
Spartan's Early Corinthian Helmet represents an early type of Corinthian Helmet from around 500 BC. Made from Brass.
Price: $194.95

Steel Greaves - Lower Leg Armor – 18 Gauge

Steel Greaves - Lower Leg Armor – 18 Gauge,Plain Iron Greaves Lower Leg Armour
Our Plain Steel Greaves, Lower Leg Armor, are a simple form of leg protection. These plain greaves are suitable for many historic periods from Greek to Renaissance. Made from steel and adjusted to fit with antiqued brass buckles.
Price: $58.95

Thracian Helm

Thracian Helm
Athenian Hoplite Helmet: Thracian type helmet with Phrygian style cap and cheek pieces.
Price: $139.95

Trimmed Greek Tunic

Greek Tunic 100876
The sleeves and hem of this short tunic are accented with a Greek trim which emulates the waves of the Aegean. Made of 100% cotton, this tunic works well by itself or under armor. Belt and other items sold separately.
Price: $58.95
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