Leather Neck Armour - Gorgets

Medieval Leather Neck Armor, Leather Neck Protection
Leather Neck Armor - Leather Neck Protection. High Quality Leather Armour, Suitable for SCA Fighting. Leather Gorgets and Leather Bevors.

Gothic Fluted Leather Gorget BTS-2181

Gothic Fluted Leather Gorget BTS-2181
Our Gothic Fluted Leather Gorget in (13-15oz) leather is SCA legal. Made in the USA, from Quality Leather. Choice of heavy or lighter leather, variety of colors and optional collar. Great for SCA, LARP, or Faire.

Price: $89.99

Leather Bevor BTS-2123

Leather Bevor BTS-2123
Our Leather Bevor provides protection for the Face and back of the neck. With plenty of visability the Leather Bevor makes a great addition to your LARP gear. Works well with our large Italian Leather Pauldrons.
Price: $145.00

Leather Mantle - Medieval Gorget

Leather Mantle - Medieval Gorget
Our Leather Mantle neck armor is made from Quality Heavy Leather. Comes tooled, laced on one side, two straps and buckles on the other side, embellished with small fleur dis lis.
Price: $130.00

Leather SCA Gorget

Leather SCA Gorget BTS-2122
This gorget provides protection for your upper chest, and lower neck. Laces up the back. Looks great by itself or over a tunic or surcoat. Hand made in the U.S.
Price: $145.00

Plain Leather Gorget Armor

Plain Leather Gorget BTS-2121
Our leather gorget provides protection for the upper chest area and laces closed in the back. Designed to be worn with our large pauldrons, it also looks great by itself over a tunic or surcoat.
Price: $90.00

Spanish Style Leather Gorget

Spanish Style Leather SCA Gorget BTS-2120
This Spanish style gorget is made from quality top grain leather in the U.S.A. Heavy 13-15oz Armor Grade leather is used for the collar and rest is made from lighter 8-10oz leather for ease of movement.
Price: $105.00
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