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Exiled Medieval Music CD

Early music: Medieval, Sephardic, Jewish, Armenian and Turkish NEW!
Exiled - is a collection of Sephardic songs and Middle Eastern dances inspired by the story of the Sephardic Jews as they were expelled from Spain in the late Middle Ages. Performed on historical replica of the medieval instruments.

1 Stake in the Ground/CSM-100
2 Cuando el Rey Nimrod
3 Cuando el Rey Nimrod Dance
4 Eln Rey de Francia
5 Rio Pasaxe
6 Shoosh Bar
7 Si Verias
8 Dance Real II
9 Kaaurdilicaz Longa
10 Amodo Seran
11 Salterello I
12 Quantas Sabedes
13 Trotto/Salterello II
14 Atesh Tanz
15 En Kelohenu
16 Gaudete/Dunje rajke
17 El Rey de Francia Instrumental

Instruments used on this CD Include: Oud, Saz, Medieval harp, Shawms, Medieval Bagpipes, Recorders, frame drums, Vielles..

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