Celtic Knot Wooden Chest 45-FB335L

Our Celtic Knot Wooden Chest brings a little light into a world where most altar boxes are crafted of dark woods or darkly stained, this beautiful, hand-carved box has been sculpted to bring out the light coloring of the wooden from which it is created. Beautiful stained and antiqued so as to appear as an aged chest, it is primarily decorated with numerous metal inlays, wrapped around the corners of the chest and set into the lid. The lid also displays a complex carving of Celtic knots, leaving the impression that it is a sacred treasure, out of the ancient past. 

Hinged at the back, it possesses a metal, leaf-shaped latch that can be secured with a small lock. Measuring approximately 10" wide, 6" deep, and 4 1/4" high it can easily contain many of your ritual tools, crystals, and herbal mixtures while also making a beautiful jewelry box.

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