Classic Leather Cuirass

Our Classic Leather Cuirass armor is one of our most versatile breastplates to date. This leather armour can be worn as is for a classical period look as in Greek or Roman reenactments. Without the shoulders it becomes a simple leather cuirass suitable for many medieval periods up to the late 15th century. Custom made for a great fit this breastplate is shorter than most of our other models allowing for better movement, it can also be worn with a war belt or kidney belt for SCA combat. The classic leather cuirass Includes leather breastplate, back plate and quality leather reinforced shoulder plates. Adjustable side buckles and straps allow for a great fit. Available in a wide variety of colors and your choice of 13-15 oz armor grade leather for SCA, or lighter 8-10oz LARP grade leather.

Custom Fit: The Classic Leather Cuirass Requires Measurements 3a through 3p:

Armour Measurements 3A through 3P

Leather Color Samples
Era: Roman
SKU#: BTS-5040
MSRP: $525.00

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  • Natural
  • 7/8oz LARP Grade
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