Crusader Hauberk With Hood and Mittens - Butted Mild Steel

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Our Crusader Hauberk With Hood and Mittens - Butted Mild Steel is a long sleeve mail armor shirt that is knee length. Hand crafted from zinc plated (non-rusting) butted chainmail rings in the European 4 in 1 mail pattern. The chain mail rings have a 9mm inner diameter and are made with battle ready 16 gauge steel. The sleeves have integral mitten gauntlets with leather palms. The mail hauberk also has an integral mail coif with adjustable face covering. The shirt reaches approximate knee length depending on a person's build and the padded doublet worn underneath (as the midriff increases, the shorter the hauberk).

Available SIZES:
48 inch Fits up to a 42 inch chest size measured over a gambeson

Construction: Butted Rings.
Ring Type: Round Wire
Steel: 16ga. mild steel.
Finish: Zinc Plated.
Internal Ring Diameter: 9mm.

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