Medieval Breastplate - Dark Finish

Our one-piece Medieval breastplate with dark finish was typical of Medieval breastplates. Many breastplates were blackened or painted during the middle ages to prevent rusting. This larp breastplate was designed to be light enough for LARP use and can also be worn for cosplay, stage or Renfairs.

The breastplate attaches with two adjustable thick leather belts that cross in the back ensuring a great fit. The belts are secured with heavy duty rivets and buckles. Made of blackened 19 gauge steel.

Key Features:
* Rolled Edges are Safe for LARP Weapons
* Classic Medieval Breastplate - Darkened
* Adjustable Back Straps
* Easy to Wear and Comfortable
* Compatible with our other LARP Armor Pieces
* Fit’s a Variety of Character Types
* Lightweight Perfect for LARP Armor
* Can be Worn by Children and Adults

Use this method when measuring for this breastplate:
Length: From the top of sternum to 2 inches below the belly button.
Width: Measure from side to side of your belly at belly button's height.
Please remember to ware your gambeson while measuring.

Small: Length - 15.5 inches, Width - 17.75 inches
Medium: Length - 17.75 inches, Width - 26 inches
Large: Length - 18.5 inches, Width - 26 inches
X-Large: Length - 19.75 inches, Width - 29.5 inches

Maintenance: Keep your armor dry while storing. After each use, wipe with clean cloth and add a light layer of oil like WD-40. The leather can be coated with leather conditioner or mink oil.

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