Latex Medieval Foam Warsword for LARP

The Latex Medieval Foam Warsword is an impressive and durable LARP (Live Action Role Play) sword, designed to withstand the rigors of LARP battles. With a length of 39 inches, this sword is a true long sword and will make a formidable addition to any warrior's arsenal.

The sword features a long diamond-shaped blade and a plain down-sloping cross guard, which is typical of medieval longswords. The blade is made of foam latex, making it safe for combat and lightweight for ease of use.

The handle is hand-painted and designed to look like simulated wood grip, adding to the overall medieval aesthetic of the sword. The foam handle also ensures a comfortable grip during battles, allowing for maximum control over the weapon.

This Latex Medieval Foam Warsword is an essential weapon for any LARP battle, especially for those who enjoy reenacting medieval times. With its impressive length, realistic design, and durable construction, this sword is sure to make you a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

* Closed Cell Foam / Does Not Shred
* Kevlar Core Tip Protection
* Round Flexible Glass Fiber Core
* Strong Outer Coating
* Weather Resistant
* Handle Lasts Longer Than a Latex Version
* Most Durable Foam Available

Overall Length: 39 inches (100cm)
Grip Length: 4 inches (10cm)
Blade Length: 33 inches (85cm)
Blade Material: Foam

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