16th Century Steel Gorget with Articulated Collar

This 16th Century Gorget gives excellent defense to the neck and collar and is crafted from 16 gauge steel with brass studded embellishment. The plates which encompass the neck are articulated and will compress when pressed upon to ensure head movement is not hindered - these plates are thinner and are made from 20 gauge steel. The armor hinges open to allow it to be placed around the neck and an integrated pin and additional steel buckle with leather strap serve to secure it into position.

Key Features
* Fits late 15th to early 16 century
* 16/20 Gauge Steel
* Overlapping, Articulated Neck Plates
* Brass Rivets
* Steel Buckle with Straps

14'' x 11-1/4''
Internal Collar Circumference: 18 1/2''
Weight: 3 lbs 3.9 oz

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