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King's Crown Gold - Red

Presenting the majestic King's Crown in a striking combination of gold and red. This crown is fit for royalty, featuring exquisite details and a regal design. The metal portion stands at an impressive height of approximately 5.5 inches, and the fabric can be puffed even higher, adding to its grandeur.

With an 8-inch diameter, this crown provides a comfortable fit thanks to its velcro height adjuster, ensuring a secure and customized fit for different head sizes. The crown is expertly plated in a radiant gold finish, creating a luxurious and captivating look.

The King's Crown is adorned with red velvet, adding a touch of elegance and richness to its appearance. The crown is further embellished with a combination of clear and multi-colored gems, adding a dazzling sparkle that catches the light and enhances its royal allure.

Whether it is for a costume party, theatrical production, or a regal-themed event, this King's Crown in gold and red is sure to make a statement and command attention. Step into the role of a monarch and let this crown be the crowning glory of your ensemble.

Height: 5.5"
Diameter: 8"
One size fits most

Please note that this crown is a decorative accessory and not meant for official ceremonial purposes. Enjoy the feeling of royalty as you don this King's Crown and let your imagination take you on a journey of grandeur and splendor.

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