Elven Cloak with Hood

In the mystical realms of fantasy, where danger lurks in every shadow, the elves have mastered the art of blending style with practicality. Introducing the Elven Cloak, a garment designed to embody the grace and sophistication of the elven folk while providing both concealment and protection in the enchanted woods.

Key Features:

Exceptional Craftsmanship: Crafted from 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric, this cloak combines comfort with durability. The delicate material gracefully flutters in the wind, making it a mesmerizing addition to your elven wardrobe.

Versatile Design: The cloak features a wide collar with faux leather straps and metal buckles at the left shoulder, allowing for a secure and adjustable fit. The oversized, pointed hood adds an extra touch of mystique to your elven persona.

Imbue with Magic: As a tabula rasa, this cloak serves as a canvas for your elvish spells. Whether you wish to imbibe it with a ward of flames, a boost to your sneak skill, or a level of transparency for hunting in the woods, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Perfect for Fantasy Adventures: Ideal for LARPing sessions, Halloween costumes, or any epic battle in the fantasy realm, this hooded cloak transports you into the heart of elven lore, allowing you to embody the magic and mystery of your favorite fantasy epics.

Items Included:
Hooded Cloak

Product Specifications:
* Material: 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric
* Cloak ties at the neck for convenience
* Wide collar fastens with faux leather straps and metal buckles at the left shoulder
* Oversized, pointed hood adds an enchanting flair
* Decorative stitching along the front edges enhances the elven aesthetic

Length: 69''
Chest: Up to 48''
Waist: Up to 42''
Shoulder Width: 22''
Shoulder Drop: 53''

Step into the enchanted world of elves and let the Elven Cloak become an essential piece of your mystical attire. With its magical aura and exquisite design, this cloak elevates your fantasy adventures to new heights, ensuring that you stand out as a true denizen of the elven realms.

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