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Bone Chopper Long Sword - LARP Foam - 39 in

The Bone Chopper Long Sword is an iconic weapon that stands out from the crowd. Its shaped and sharpened bone blade, along with vulgar reinforcements, resembles the bone-chopping sabres wielded by nefarious warlocks during raids. This sword's design leaves you wondering about its dark history – was it made from the bone of an ancient dragon? Does it curse its wielder? Can it create and control undead creatures? The story behind the Bone Chopper is as sinister as you can imagine.

Inspired by the tools used by nomadic people along the shores, the Bone Chopper Long Sword pays homage to the tradition of utilizing the bones of megafauna prey. However, this sword's design also evokes the weapons of warlocks who apply dark magic to shape bones into devastating weapons. Whether in the hands of a tribal warrior or a practitioner of the dark arts, the Bone Chopper Long Sword is sure to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

* Handmade and hand-painted for a unique look
* Soft EVA foam construction for safe LARP combat
* Sinister and alien-like design
* Bone-like blade with vulgar reinforcements
* Open to interpretation for various dark backstories

Blade Length: 27.56 inches (70 cm)
Blade Width: 4.33 inches (11 cm)
Grip Length: 5.12 inches (13 cm)
Overall Length: 39.37 inches (100 cm)
Materials: Soft EVA Foam, Polyurethane foam

Embrace the dark side with the Bone Chopper Long Sword - LARP Foam. This unique and sinister weapon is perfect for those seeking to stand out on the battlefield or in their LARP adventures. With its open-ended backstory and striking design, the Bone Chopper Long Sword is sure to become a conversation piece and a formidable addition to your arsenal.


Sword only, other items not included

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