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Elven Long Sword - LARP Foam - 43 in

As dawn painted the Elven woods, Eleniel, the elf scout, trod silently along his route, sensing alert. He paused, noticing unnatural shadows twisting through the undergrowth—vile creatures sullying the sacred land. Alone and wary, he weighed his options: should he alert his kin or confront the threat himself? The forest seemed to hold its breath as Eleniel grappled with the responsibility, the air heavy with the potential of imminent danger. His heart raced with the moment's urgency, his solitary duty never more pivotal.

The Elven Sword, a gem of elven craftsmanship, offers grace and effectiveness in battle. Its design achieves perfect balance and exceptional maneuverability, allowing it to cut swiftly and cleanly. The foam sword's elegant guard, handle, and pommel are crafted with aesthetic finesse, making it a stunning yet deadly armament. It is the quintessential choice for elven warriors or any fighter who values the artistry and agility of their blade.

Forged in the ancient elven forges, the Elven Long Sword has been a symbol of elven prowess and elegance for centuries. Passed down through generations of elven warriors, this sword has seen countless battles and has become a revered icon of elven culture and craftsmanship.

* Perfectly balanced for exceptional maneuverability
* Elegant guard, handle, and pommel crafted with aesthetic finesse
* Stunning yet deadly armament
* Embodiment of sophisticated elven warfare
* Ideal for elven warriors and agile fighters

Brand: Ateliers Nemesis
Materials: Thermoformed EV-50, Non-latex varnish, Fiberglass Rod
Product Type: Sword
Size: 43.3 inches (110 cm)
Variant: Notched - With engravings
Weight: 1.13 lbs (511 g)
Blade Length: 29.9 inches (76 cm)
Blade Width: 2.6 inches (6.5 cm)
Crossguard Width: 9.3 inches (23.5 cm)
Grip Length: 5.1 inches (13 cm)
Length: 43.3 inches (110 cm)
Blade Height: 1.1 inches (2.8 cm)
Point of Balance: 1.7 inches (4.3 cm)

The Elven Long Sword - LARP Foam is a true masterpiece, embodying the grace, agility, and artistry of elven warfare. Whether you're an elven warrior or a fighter seeking a blade that combines beauty and deadly effectiveness, this sword is the ultimate choice.

Sword only, other items not included

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