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Sun Hammer - LARP Foam

Step into the world of fantasy combat with the Sun Hammer from Epic Armoury. Designed with both safety and style in mind, this 53-inch (135 cm) LARP hammer boasts a 15.3-inch (39 cm) long head, featuring a flat face on one side and a spike on the other. The hammerhead is hollow, providing a lightweight yet sturdy feel, perfect for swift strikes and powerful blows. Sculpted and hand-painted to resemble dwarven forged metal, the hammerhead is securely attached to a decorated haft with a 19.3-inch (49 cm) black leather-wrapped grip.

The haft is constructed from durable closed-cell foam around a fiberglass core, finished with a strong latex coating for enhanced durability. The hammerhead is made of strong, flexible latex with an internal foam rod to maintain its shape and secure attachment. With regular maintenance, the Sun Hammer will remain a reliable and visually striking weapon in your LARP arsenal for years.

Inspired by late medieval weaponry, the Sun Hammer is designed to inflict damage on armored opponents without penetrating their plate armor. Historically, long hammers were effective against mounted troops and used to target the legs of horses during combat. Shorter versions were favored for close-quarters fighting.

* Strong latex coating with a round fiberglass core
* Strong Kevlar core tip protection
* Made from durable closed cell foam that does not shred
* High safety, approved by top organizations
* Handmade and hand-painted for a unique look

Brand: Epic Armoury
Universe: Sovereign
Product Type: Hammer
Weight: 2.1 lbs (953 g)
Grip Length: 19.3 inches (49 cm)
Handle Circumference: 5.5 inches (14 cm)
Head Height: 7.9 inches (20 cm)
Head Length: 15.3 inches (39 cm)
Head Width: 7.9 inches (20 cm)
Overall Length: 53 inches (135 cm)

Epic Armoury’s Sun Hammer LARP Foam is the ultimate weapon for any fantasy role-player. Combining historical inspiration with modern safety and design, this hammer offers unparalleled realism and durability. Whether you’re engaging in epic battles or simply displaying it as part of your collection, the Sun Hammer is a standout choice for any LARP enthusiast.

Hammer only. Other items sold separately.

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