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Steel Bazuband for LARP - Epic Dark

The Epic Dark Steel Bazuband from Epic Armoury is a compromise between the discomfort of gauntlets and the mobility of demi-gauntlets, offering the best of both worlds. Crafted from 1 mm thick mild steel and vegetable-tanned leather straps and fittings, this armour piece is built to withstand the rigors of LARP or reenactment with proper care. Fully compatible with other Epic Armoury metal products, the Bazuband allows you to customize your character's costume to your liking.

The Bazuband originated in Asia Minor during the 12th to 14th centuries, specifically designed to protect the wrist to the elbow area. Also known as naruchi in Russia and Eastern Europe, and dastana in India, this type of arm protection has a rich historical background.

* Made from 1 mm (19 gauge) thick mild steel
* Rolled edges with no sharp edges
* Straps and fittings made from top-grain leather
* Hand-made, welded pieces for maximum durability
* Dark steel finish
* Protects the back of the hand, thumb, and underarm
* Strong chainmail connects the plates for unrestricted movement
* Compatible with other Epic Armoury metal products

Brand: Epic Armoury
Universe: Ancient
Materials: Mild Steel - 1 mm (19 gauge)
Position: Arm
Product Type: Arm Protection
Color: Epic Dark Steel

Size Variation: Small/Medium
Weight: 39 ounces (1105 g)
Elbow Width: 3.15 inches (8 cm)
Forearm Length: 12.20 inches (31 cm)
Full Length: 16.93 inches (43 cm)
Width at Wrist: 7.87 inches (20 cm)
Width Below Elbow: 10.63 inches (27 cm)

Size Variation: Large/X-Large
Weight: 3.18 lbs (1440 g)
Forearm Length: 14.17 inches (36 cm)
Full Length: 19.69 inches (50 cm)
Width at Wrist: 7.87 inches (20 cm)
Width Below Elbow: 12.60 inches (32 cm)
The Epic Armoury Dark Steel Bazuband is a versatile and durable arm protection piece that combines historical inspiration with modern craftsmanship. Whether you're a LARP enthusiast or a reenactment participant, this armour will provide you with the necessary protection while allowing for comfortable and unrestricted movement.

Gauntlets only: Other items not included.

Metal Works Products
Epic Armoury metal works products should be treated with wax or quality acid-free vegetable oil and stored in a dry place. Metal armor with leather parts requires separate maintenance for the leather.

Degreasing and Preparing Your Armour
When you first receive your armor, it may be covered in grease and oil used to protect it during storage and transport. Use a degreasing product or mineral spirits with a dry cloth or paper towels to remove the oil. For chainmail, which is harder to clean, use mineral spirits or another solvent, spraying it on the links or fully submerging the chainmail in a degreasing solution. After removing the oil, thoroughly dry your armor. Strong, warm sunlight is ideal, but a hairdryer or heat gun can also be used. Avoid overheating any leather parts.

Moisture is the enemy of armor and chainmail. If your armor gets wet, dry it thoroughly as soon as possible. After handling, wearing, or every six months of storage or display, wipe all metal surfaces with a clean cloth. Lightly oil the clean surface with a quality acid-free vegetable oil or apply a coating of wax. Allow the wax to dry for a couple of hours, then buff it lightly with a soft cloth.

Rust Prevention and Removal
Store your armor in a dry place and check it regularly for signs of rust. If rust appears, gently rub the affected area with a mildly abrasive pad dipped in wax or quality acid-free vegetable oil. Although Epic Dark products are specially treated to resist rust, they should still be treated with oil and kept in dry storage.

Leather Straps and Fittings
Clean leather parts by removing dirt with a hard brush, then gently rub leather soap with a clean, damp cloth until the leather appears clean. Remove soap residue with a separate damp cloth, then dry the leather with a dry cloth. After cleaning, condition the leather with mink oil, olive oil, or beeswax polish. Apply a small amount of oil or polish with a clean cloth, rubbing in circles, and allow it to soak in before wiping away any excess with a final clean cloth.

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