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The Sword and the Centuries Book 1-85367-513-X

Alfred Hutton with a new introduction by Mark Rector

Our The Sword and the Centuries Book a colorful and vividly descriptive book traces the sword and its use throughout the golden age of swordsmanship. Using examples from history, Hutton charts the development of various types of weapons, demonstrates the techniques and tactics of the key practitioners, and brings to the fore the heroes and villains of legendary duels, private quarrels, public feuds, and prize fights. Hutton examines such deadly weapons as the Two-Hand Sword, the Rapier Foil, the Dagger Foil, the Stiletto, the Flamberge, the Small Sword, the Falchion, and the Broadsword. He illustrates their use with famous and infamous fights from the history of combat.

* 400 years of the art of fencing
* Covers all major types of swords in use in Europe
* Vivid descriptions of dueling and armed combat from the pages of history

400 pages - PB - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
About the Author: Alfred Hutton served in the King's Dragoon Guards. He was a prominent, flamboyant historian and author of Cold Steel and Old Sword-Play. Mark Rector is a student and practitioner of historical swordplay. He edited and translated Hans Talhoffer's Fechtbuch of 1467, published by Greenhill as Medieval Combat (1-85367-418-4).

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