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Black Crusader Upper Leg Padding, XL

The Crusader Upper Leg Padding with reinforced leather knee is a piece of protective gear designed to be worn during medieval battles. It is manufactured by GDFB and is suitable for use from the Crusades to the Renaissance era.

This particular padding is an XL size and is made from durable cotton canvas material, which provides a comfortable and breathable fit for the wearer. The knee area is reinforced with hardened leather to protect the wearer from impacts and strikes.

The padding can be worn alone or in combination with chainmail chausses or plate armor. It attaches to the wearer's belt and laces up the back for a secure fit. The black color of the padding gives it a sleek and timeless appearance.

The Crusader Upper Leg Padding measures 21.5" in length and has a slight variation in specs from piece to piece due to its handmade nature. Overall, this padding is an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and comfortable protection during medieval battles.
Key Features:
* Size XL
* Cotton Canvas
* Hardened Leather Knee Pad

Size: X-Large
Length: 21.5"
Color: Black

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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